Georgia Playground Surfacing

                                 Georgia Playground Surfacing

Georgia Playground Surfacing

                                        Georgia Playground Surfacing


Fallzone Poured in Place Georgia Playground Surfacing 

Not only is our Fallzone Poured in Place Product the perfect playground safety padding with two layers of rubber, it comes in a variety of colors to give you more design options.  This playground safety product is slip resistant, seamless, easy to maintain and UV resistant.  

Fallzone Bonded Rubber Georgia Playground Surfacing

Our Fallzone Bonded Rubber Product is a single density pour of 100% recycled shredded rubber.  An alternative to poured in place, it has a seamless natural look.  Fallzone Bonded Rubber utilizes larger pieces than poured in place and is poured in a single layer on-site.  This playground safety surface is easy to maintain, more affordable than poured in place, clean and non-toxic. 

Fallzone Synthetic Grass Georgia Playground Surfacing

Both safe and visually appealing, our FallZone Synthetic Grass is a safety surface that combines a padded cushioned safety impact system underneath a layer of synthetic grass.  Providing consistent safety in any weather, Fallzone Synthetic Grass is great under all types of playground equipment and you get the look and feel of grass.  

Fallzone Splash Pads Georgia Playground Surfacing

FallZone Splash Pad Safety Surfacing combines safety, design and technology into a premier safety surface for water play. Ideal for any water play areas, our Fallzone Splash Pads are slip resistant, not affected by chlorine, and deflect UV rays.  With proven Durability, the Fallzone Splash Pads can be installed outdoors and indoors and come in a variety of colors. 

Fallzone Topcoat Georgia Playground Surfacing

One of our most cost effective products, the Fallzone Topcoat is used when you have a damaged or faded rubber playground safety surfacing.  Continuous use of areas of the playground can cause some areas to become more worn out, damaged and even unsafe.  Sometimes all you need is the Fallzone Topcoat.  Our professional installers will be able to tell you if this is the right playground safety surfacing for your situation.