FallZone Bonded Rubber 

FallZone Bonded RubberAs an alternative to FallZone Poured in Place, Our FallZone Bonded Rubber is a single density pour of 100% Recycled shredded rubber mulch, blended with a traditional polyurethane adhesive, achieving a unique, natural appearance for your indoor or outdoor activity or playground area.

FallZone Bonded Rubber 1FallZone Bonded Rubber vs. FallZone Poured in Place 

FallZone Bonded Rubber provides the same highly accessible one-piece surface as our FallZone Poured in Place.  The difference is that FallZone Bonded Rubber employs larger pieces than Poured in Place and is poured in a single layer on-site.  FallZone Bonded Rubber is porous, drains well and dries quickly and has a natural appearance for your playground, walking paths, jogging trails or landscaping.


FallZone Bonded Rubber Benefits:

  • More affordable than traditional poured in place
  • Clean & Non-Toxic
  • Seamless natural appearance
  • Porous, drains well and dries quickly
  • Performs great around trees and shrubs
  • ASTM & ADA approved
  • Provides wheel chair and ADA accessibility
  • 5 year warranty

FallZone Bonded Rubber Applications: 

  • Playground Surfacing
  •  Walking Paths
  •  Jogging trails
  •  Landscaping

FallZone Bonded Rubber Pricing: 

FallZone Bonded Rubber is professionally installed for $7.00 to $10.00 per sq. ft

(pricing may vary under 1,000 sq. ft. does not include sub-preparation)

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