FallZone Poured-in-Place Playground Safety SurfacingFallZone Poured-in-Place

The most durable & reliable playground safety surfacing system on the market is our FallZone Poured-in-Place playground safety surface. Our FallZone Poured-in-Place playground safety surface is a 2-layer system consisting of the highest quality raw materials. The first layer of this system is the ”Safety Base Layer” which consists of a 100% Recycled SBR/Chunk Rubber that is poured over a concrete, asphalt or D.O.T certified compacted crushed stone sub-base to meet the critical fall height of the area. The safety base is mixed with a low odor polyurethane binder to form a solid unitary safety base.FallZone Poured-in-Place The second layer of the system is called the ”Wear Layer”  which consists of 3/4” TPV rubber mixed with a low odor polyurethane binder. Our 3/4” TPV wear layer is the thickest in the industry making it the most durable & reliable playground surface on the market. The 3/4” TPV wear layer is professionally installed evenly over the shock absorbing safety base layer. The wear layer comes in an assortment of colors and can be custom designed to suit your unique design tastes. Our FallZone Poured in Place playground safety surface product is non-toxic and environmentally safe and is easily customized to meet the safety,design and aesthetic requirements of any playground safety surface project. The playground safety surface area or “fall zone” is turned into a durable, soft, thick, flexible, shock absorbing surface which creates a padded base that allows children to play safely while being protected from fall injuries.


FallZone Poured-in-Place One of the many reasons why our FallZone Poured in Place playground safety surface is so popular is because our ability to customize the design of the top wear layer. The wide variety of colors allows you to custom design your playground surface. School Colors, Logos, Hopscotch, Foursquare and many more interactive designs & learning activity’s can be created into our FallZone Poured-in-Place Playground Surface. We also can create shapes, slopes and mounds to create a visual & interactive experience to complement the theme of the overall playground design. 


FallZone Poured-in-Place Benefits                                 

  • Meets all playground fall heights requirements
  • Seamless, UV resistant, slip resistant, drains quickly & easy to maintain   
  • Custom designs & colors
  • ASTM & ADA approved
  • FallZone Poured-in-Place safety surface can be installed both indoor and outdoor
  • Proven durability
  • Materials are finest TPV granules and 100% polyurethane binder(No Products from China)
  • 10 year industry best Warranty
  • Price Range from $8.00 to $12.00 per sq. ft.(pricing may vary under 1,000 sq. ft does not include sub-base preparation)


FallZone Poured-in-Place Applications

  • Playgrounds
  • Water Parks & Spray Pads
  • Parks & Recreation Dept.
  • Schools
  • Daycare Centers
  • Recreation Centers
  • Military Family Housing
  • Hotels
  • Pool Decks
  • Patio Flooring
  • Equestrian Facilities
  • Cruise Ships
  • Fitness Trails
  • Gyms
  • Spas

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