FallZone Poured-in-Place Re-Cap System 

Is your poured-in-place playground surface worn, cracked, granulating and has many holes causing your playground to look unhealthy, unsafe and old? FallZone Poured in Place Re-Cap

There are many reasons why your poured-in-place playground surface looks like this and its just not age. The 2 main reasons why are 1. Cheap low quality products being used from china and 2. The company that installed your poured in place surface applied the top colored wear layer at the minimum thickness barely covering the underlying safety base and with the continuous movement and scuffing of the children’s feet can make inferior systems like this break up long before playground equipment needs to be replaced, especially in high traffic areas.

Will you need to completely remove the old surface to fix? 

Most of the time we will not have to, unless there are some underlying sub-base issues or your surface has lost its attenuation we will not need to remove the old damaged poured-in-place surface saving you a significant amount of money!

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