Keeping Your Child Safe on the Playground 

Playgrounds are a great way to get your children outside to release some energy and play with other kids. Playgrounds are critical to your child’s development and playgrounds offer a variety of equipment such as swings, slides and monkey bars that your child can use to grow and develop their physical and problem-solving skills.

Playgrounds are an excellent source of fun but they can also be a leading source of injuries. The overwhelming majority of injuries happen on playgrounds due to falls from equipment, improperly using the equipment or not being under the supervision of a responsible adult. These falls can cause head injuries especially if the playground does not have the proper fall-zone shock absorbing fall-zone protective playground surfacing under and around the playground equipment. By following these simple safety precautions, you can lower your child’s risk of experiencing an injury at the playground.

Is the Playground Safe? 

Before your child starts to use any of the equipment on the playground, take a brief walk through the area. Make sure that the playground is secure and free of obvious dangers such as broken glass or used syringes. Check the type of playground surface being used. Avoid playgrounds that only have concrete, asphalt, dirt, grass, wood chips, pea gravel & sand. These materials due very little to absorb the impact of a fall into the fall-zone playground area, which could lead to serious head injuries. The type of playground shock-absorbing surface has a major impact in the prevention of a serious injury in case your child were to fall off of the equipment. Playground Surfaces like the FallZone Poured-in-Place playground safety surface or the FallZone Synthetic Grass playground safety surface are the safest playground surfacing systems on the market and reduces head injuries from falls by over 70% 

During your walk through the playground, also look for signs of damaged or broken equipment. Look at the hardware to see if there are any loose or missing screws or bolts. Check for signs of rust. Give the guard rails a shake to make sure that they are securely attached. The platforms of slides and climbing structures should have secure railings to protect kids from falling and making sure that the proper FallZone Safety Surfacing is under & around these structures will drastically help prevent any trips to the emergency room.

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