FallZone Synthetic Grass is a playground safety surface that combines a padded cushioned safety impact system underneath a layer of synthetic grass. We know how important safety is when it comes to your kids. More injuries happen on a playground because of children falling off of playground equipment and landing on an abrasive or hard surface. We have the largest selection of synthetic grass products to choose from. We will work together with you to select the grass best suited to your region. The FallZone Synthetic Grass System is more comfortable, cleaner and of course, safer than natural sod, mulch or gravel. An extremely durable and comfortable product, it will also reduce threats from unwanted pests and grass allergies. The FallZone Synthetic Grass System Benefits Meets all ASTM 1292 and ADA Requirements Virtually maintenance-free (Which equals big savings) Dries quickly after wet weather (completely porous) Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial No fertilizers and pesticides needed No rubber infill required 7 year warranty