FallZone Playground Safety Surfacing Fall-Zone & Fall-Height for Playground Monkey Bars 

Children love monkey Bars, 4-12 year old children use their upper body strength to play on climbers. When playground Monkey Bars are installed, FallZone Playground Safety Surfacing must be the correct depth in order for the equipment to have a safe Fall-Height & Fall-Zone to prevent injuries if they fall. As climbers add an element of risk to playgrounds, their safety must be a top priority, lets take a look at the Fall-Zone & Fall-Height playground requirements for FallZone Safety Surfacing


Fall-Zone for Playground Monkey Bars 

Playground Monkey bars need a six-foot fall-zone but can overlap with other equipment’s fall-zones if theirs allows it. Monkey bars that are part of composite equipment must be six-feet away from other stand-alone equipment.

Fall-Height for Playground Monkey Bars

For monkey bars, the highest part of the playground structure to the FallZone Playground Safety Surfacing determines the Fall Height. The Critical Fall Height must be as tall or taller than the monkey bars. 

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