FallZone Topcoat

FallZone Playground Top Coat Rejuvenation 

Do you have a worn, damaged or faded poured-in-place playground safety surface, causing your playground to look unhealthy, unsafe and old? Continuous movement and scuffing of feet can make some safety surface installations break up long before playground equipment needs to be replaced, especially in areas of repeated wear such as under swings and roundabouts. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace your rubber Poured-in-place playground safety surface. Is it not in your budget to replace your existing playground surface?  Well there are times when a installation of a FallZone Top Coat Rejuvenation is all that is needed and you could save big! 

The Benefits of FallZone Playground Top Coat Rejuvenation

  • Stops granulation
  • Extends the surface life
  • Provides additional protection in high traffic areas
  • Seals indoor porous surfaces for easier clean up
  • Rejuvenates older surfaces 

Installation of the FallZone Playground Top Coat Rejuvenation

The FallZone Playground Top Coat rejuvenation must be installed by qualified trained certified installers.  We have a network of certified installers located throughout the United States.  We can work with you or your design team to bring back your Safety Surfaces to previous durability and appearance.

FallZone Topcoat PouredinPlace Rejuvenation

FallZone Topcoat Poured in Place Rejuvenation